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Wait, What?

Wait, what just happened?

We changed our name to throw everyone off the trail of really good food...HA!

We changed our name for a few key reasons. While there are too many to list out I think the following three just about sum things up in a nice blog sized bite.

When we first began our farm adventure there were certain things we didn't take into consideration when we landed on the previous name Potbelly Acres. One was how often we would be asked about Potbelly Pigs. Guess how often that happens, ALL THE TIME. While we do raise beautiful AGH and have nothing against those adorable little potbelly pigs, we do not - in fact - raise any potbelly pigs.

The second was an association with the sandwich shop. Being West Coast transplants, I don't think we fully understood how deeply embedded the sandwich shop is to this area of the world. And although we do enjoy a sammie from time to time, we do not - in fact - have an association with the sandwich shop.

The third and most important reason for the change. Although cute, Potbelly Acres did not embody the culture or philosophy we live and grow by. Tim and I take very seriously what we do here. We strive to steward our land with as much love, care and thoughtfulness as we possibly can. We want to leave this land better off than when we started and hopefully the planet will benefit from that bit of healing as well. We take a very broad view of our actions and how they effect the world around us. We want to share that view with you and the people close to you.

With that in mind,

"Allow me to reintroduce..." you to Broadview Farm and Gardens.

You can see I dont take myself all that seriously though.




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