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Lard Alchemy

You can find any number of videos out in the world about how its done, most of which are WAY better than anything I could put together so I wont bore you with the step by step instructions. Becky of Becky's homestead channel really does a great job. If you are interested check her out here.

Ill just walk you through all the crazy thoughts that spin in my head while Im left on my own for an hour and a half.

Ingredients gathered and weighed out. Science is so awesome. I'm bout to turn pig fat into soap then wash my face with it. I'm basically a wizard.

This stuff burns. Don't be Ed Norton. Don't be Ed Norton. Don't be Ed Norton.

I'm glad this red immersion blender was only $11. Who really cares if its red. Its a blender!

So glad I bought these silicon molds for a project that I never did 2 years ago and then hung on to them for today. Hoarding rules!

Ok.... I sat at this step for a while. Here is where the burning stuff (food grade Lye) turns into super hot liquid capable of unimaginable horrors when left near me, the clumsiest fool with fingers....

Things got all smoky and I thought I should concentrate on not messing up so no pictures where taken during the Lye and water mix.

Hard part behind me I will now make pretty smells. I choose the two smells that work best together AND the two smells that I happen to have left from a Christmas present. Waste not want not!

Lye is almost cool enough...lets melt some fats.




So.... the mixing part kept my hands busy but the hot fat and the hot Lye got together and I used that ridiculous red mixer until thick enough to poor into the molds. Let that sit over night Aaaaand....


Soap. I did it!!! Smells great and is so amazingly smooth. It will need to cure for another couple of weeks but Wow. I am very excited to have such a great use for the lard and Im even thinking of selling it too. We shall see.

Thanks for hanging in there with me.

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