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Piggy Piggy Piggy

This year we will offering pig shares. For those of you new to the concept what I am basically saying is, give me money and I will give mass amounts of pork around August.

We chose to raise and breed the American Guinea Hog. This heritage breed was once a staple of the homestead. Unfortunately as farming for subsistence started to wane the American Guinea Hog found itself with fewer numbers. At the same time big Ag swooped in with their mass production and subsequently the American Guinea Hog was nearly lost to us. Luckily they have found a renewed place in the small scale farmers heart and now we get to enjoy all the benefits of having them here with us, not the least of which is BACON.


... sorry for yelling

Anywho ~

We have one Non - Registered Full Bred boar named Kirby (aka Kirbs aka Kirbacious aka BigBoi aka GetOutoftheWAYJeez) and one Sow named Addie. Our Sow is part KuneKune so she has a shorter snout and smaller frame then Kirbs. Male KuneKune's tends to have these Dub C waddles (Im SUPER proud of you if you are reading this and know who that is without google- self high five) but none of her offspring had any to point at and giggle.

They take a full year to mature but its worth the wait indeed. Their fat is extraordinary and they are favored among chefs for charcuterie.

I will be adding a new page to the website in a few weeks with full info on the pigs but I wanted everyone to say hi .. HI!!!

Kirby. It was feeding time and he wasn't trying to strike a pose.

There are 6 total. All males. Aren't they the cutest?

Addie. Also much more concerned with food than pictures.

Two new gilts. Both 75% KuneKune. They are young and wont breed for months.




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