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Rain Rain Go AWAY

Rain Rain Go AWAY

So far this winter has been a weather roller coaster. This week has brought freezing rain and plain Jane rain with temps getting all the way up to the mid 50s this weekend! If you are glancing around for a calendar and a map let me assure you it is, in fact mid-January in Illinois.

At this point you may find yourself saying - Whats the big deal? or I thought farmers love the rain. Rain to a farmer is like melted cheese. Its great on almost everything but put it on Chinese food and its just in the way. The fact is we also need the snow. There are some plants that having a chilling requirement (whaaaa???!!) . Apple trees and all stone fruit (peaches and company) trees require a dormancy period brought on by cold temps and snow in order to produce fruit for the next season. Without this period of rest we see delayed leaves, buds and reduce quality of fruit. On top of the affect on crops, its just a sloggy mess to have to do chores in. Tim is sloshing around in mud, cold muck and all the fun stuff our animals leave behind. It not pretty. So while snow can be a pain if you have to shovel and its not always the easiest thing to navigate either - its a part of our natural cycle and is much needed. Lets all hope for a return to seasonal weather soon.




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