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Our Mission

Broadview Farm and Gardens is a diversified family farm dedicated to providing the greater Chicago and Rockford areas with a secure and trustworthy source for well-raised food. We pledge to keep our practices transparent and holistic with the goal of sustainability using minimal amounts of machinery and outside labor.


 We aim to serve our community and others with a variety of responsibly grown vegetables, fruits, meat, and eggs.

About Our Farm

Our farm is located just outside of Marengo Illinois in McHenry County, about 60 miles northwest of Chicago. We are in the fertile Kishwaukee River Valley with deep sandy loam soils well adapted for growing fresh market vegetables. Although we focus on produce we also raise a variety of livestock suited for our small 9-acre farm. We raise heritage breeds of hogs, goats, laying hens as well as pastured broilers. All of our livestock are raised outside and are well suited for our local climate.


We began this farm in 2014 to produce food for our family as well as our surrounding communities.

 We are always striving to hone our farming practices to align with nature and work in harmony with the natural rhythms of our farm.

Products Your Entire Family Will Love

Fresh Produce

We are proud to offer over 20 different varieties of vegetables and herbs found in the typical American household. From Heirloom Tomatoes, Peppers and Squash to Gourmet Salad Mixes, we raise our produce naturally using traditional holistic methods of management. We are a Certified Naturally Grown farm, which means that you get the added benefit of knowing your food is being inspected by other natural food producers to ensure the highest levels of integrity, nutrition and quality.

Seasonal Fruits

We also offer several different types of fruits including Raspberries, Strawberries, Mullberries, Currants, Aronia berries, Watermelon, and Canteloupe, all picked in season to ensure the highest levels of delicious flavor and nutrition for you and your family.

Free Range Eggs and Pasture Raised Meat

In addition to our produce we also offer pasture raised pork, free range chicken eggs, without hormones or antibiotics.

Find us at the market!


Loves Park - Choices Natural Market 

Woodstock - Woodstock Farmer's Market: Saturday / Tuesday

Rockford- North End City Market

Rockford - Edgebrook Farmer's Market

Elgin - Downtown Elgin Farmer's Market

Crystal Lake - Duke's Ale House and Kitchens 

Rockford - The Norwegian Restaurant

Rockford - Van Laar's Farm Market and Bake Shop


Dundee - All Grass Farm Store


West Dundee - Bleuroot 


Our Family
Meet the Browns

Born and raised in Los Angeles California we might be the last people you would think to find farming in semi-rural Northern Illinois. Yet here we are, doing our best to impact our farm, our community and our planet in a positive way.

We get asked about why we left Southern California A LOT. The truth is, the why of it didn't become apparent until we started our journey toward farming. We just wanted a new experience, a new story, and boy did we get one.

You can't tell by looking at Tim now, but when we first met - he was over 320lbs. We were both terrible eaters and smoked like ...well smokers. We began changing our diet, first by cutting out fast food and sugary drinks while increasing fresh fruits and vegetables. We began to exercise more and the results didn't take long to come. I started cooking from scratch just to see if I could and immediately noticed the difference in quality and affordability. We quit smoking when we found that we were expecting the birth of our first child. When we bought our first home after the birth of our son, Tim ripped out the portion of the backyard and we started growing food for the family. Things just grew organically from there. 

When we decided to have our second child we sat down and carefully planned out a 5 year strategy to get us to our goal of full-time farming. Not too long after that time Tim had a moment of clarity, decided to quit his job and make the move toward following our dream. We purchased our land a few months later, moved in and got to work healing the land while working off the farm learning and honing the skills we would need to successfully start a farming enterprise.

With our land on the mend after 2 years of pasture restoration, rotational grazing, seeding, and planting as well as the growth of our family with the addition of our third child - we charged headlong into farming full time. 

It is here where you now find us. Working hard to provide the best food we can to the people around us. Helping to spread the ideas of good health, DIY living, and the importance of quality nutrition. We hope our story can inspire others to know that you aren't beholden to where you are in life. You can make your life anything you want and you can make it great. 



 Owner/Farm Manager/Photographer


Come see us!

Want to learn more about our farm and what we do? Get in touch!

18720 IL Route 176 Marengo IL United States 60152





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